Health-Ade Pop Soda, Prebiotic Soda, Supports Gut Health, Fiber Rich, Seltzer Water with Real Fruit Juice, No Artificial Sweeteners, Low Calorie, Plant Based, Organic, Vegan, 12 Pack (12 Fl Oz Cans), Sampler Pack



GOOD FOR YOUR GUT! Health-Ade Pop is full of plant-based prebiotics and fiber, meant to improve and balance your gut health. Prebiotics are naturally found in many fruits and veggies. Pop contains proanthocyanidins (PACs) found in cranberries and plant fiber from agave. GENUINELY REAL INGREDIENTS! We pack only real fruit, real flavor, and real natural sugar in every single can. No fake flavors, colors, or sweeteners (that includes Stevia!). NATURAL ANTIOXIDANTS! With healthy acids and antioxidants, Pop works to detoxify and clear out the icky stuff while also reducing inflammation. NO SUGAR CRASH! With 6g of natural sugar or less in each can, Pop gives you all the flavor without the sugar crash, so that you can sip your way to happiness while also giving your gut what it needs to be its best. TRY ‘EM ALL! Our Sampler Pack is perfect for finding your new favorite soda. This pack features 2 cans of: Ginger Fizz, Apple Snap, Pomegranate Berry, Lemon Lime, Juicy Grape, and Strawberry Vanilla.


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